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SeaMoss | The Ancient SuperFood

The History of Irish Sea Moss:

During the 18th century, almost one-third of the total population of Ireland grew reliant on potatoes due to its favorable properties. It was easy-to-grow, inexpensive, and had the audacity to grow in the most impoverished soil. Its consumption was extended to not only humans but also the cattle in their region. So its high dependence made it an exclusive subsistence for a significant portion of the Irish inhabitants.

But unfortunately, somewhere around 1844, this lone tuber started to depict a tendency towards crop failure that led to a massive famine in Northern Europe and Ireland. During the flare of starvation in the course of the Potato Famine in Europe, many people struggled to unearth any food that would help them to stay alive and healthy even in such crucial times. Around 1 million people died of starvation, along with triggering a mass emigration. When the remaining people were strolling in search of nourishment, they came upon a kind of red algae that was lingered all over the gravel coastlines of the Atlantic, British Isle, North America, and Europe. They seek comfort in the edible seaweed currently known as the Irish Sea Moss or the Carrageen Moss. People used to collect it, wash it, and lay it down on the rock and leave it to sun-dry. They then consumed it as a medication or as a food source that could help their body recover from the diseases or starvation.

After the Potato Famine took place, within the span of one year at around 1845, the potato yield of France, Holland, and Belgium were also immensely affected. By 1851, 1 million inhabitants that account for approximately one-eighth of the Irish population died due to starvation. About 2 million people evacuated the country and settled in the territories of Canada, Australia, the United States, and other diverse regions.

Although the use of Chondrus Crispus or Sea Moss falls back to nearly 14,000 years ago, its bloom among the early people came in the days of the Potato Famine during the 1800s. It is also named Carrageen Moss due to its high content of Carrageen that is also used as a food additive in several food products even in the present age.

Nutritional Facts of Sea Moss:

It consists of approximately 92 minerals among the 102 minerals that are dispersed in different amounts throughout the human body. Some of the main minerals include iodine, calcium, zinc, iron, potassium, B-complex vitamins, silicon, sulfur, and sodium.

It also contains antimicrobial and antiviral elements to hinder the entry of detrimental organisms in the body. It is loaded with vitamin C, amino acids, and antioxidants that detox the body from all the contagions.

Sea Moss Benefits List for Health and Skin:

The comfort food of that critical time, scientifically identified as Chondrus Crispus, got eminent due to its ravishing health benefits. During the 18th century, the Irish people believed in the antiviral and antimicrobial power of Sea Moss, so they used it to treat cold, flu, and mucus congestion and to ease the symptoms of anemia or to ward off any infections. It strengthens the thyroid gland and the digestive health and also operates for mood enhancement and enhancement in sexual stamina and fertility. In case of any injury or surgery, the Sea Moss vitamins assist in intensifying the recovery speed while allowing you to recuperate at a faster pace.

It is an edible seaweed that can be added to the diet or to the beauty regime. It can be added to smoothies, drinks, egg puddings, plant-based ice creams, juices, or cakes. It is harvested, dried, and then boiled to be added to various products.

Surprisingly, we consume Sea Moss in many of our food products without acknowledging its presence and its unlimited health benefits. Sea Moss Complete Gel is generally utilized in the diet for its gelatinous properties that perform as a thickener or a stabilizer in many food products packaged and served around the world.

Due to its high collagen content, it diminishes fine lines and wrinkles when administered directly over the skin. It has antiseptic traits, and when it is topically applied to the dermis, it treats a variety of skin conditions varying from acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, rashes or burns.

The Mucus Dissolver:

Mucus is an essential component of the respiratory tract as it creates a film of protection inside the airways and also retains the hygiene of the respiratory tract from any damaging substances. But in unfavorable circumstances such as flu or cold, excessive accumulation of mucus might befall that may lead to congestion of the airways.

As mentioned formerly, Sea Moss consists of 92 minerals and some other ingredients, among which, Omega-3 fatty, Chlorophyll, and Potassium Chloride are used to disintegrate the excess phlegm. So for those who always agonize from mucus congestion, Sea Moss, when consumed in the diet, can devise remarkable results in dissolving the mucus and providing a clear and uncongested airway to breathe in.

For many generations, Sea moss has been used for the treatment of various respiratory disorders that include the dissolving of mucus, treatment of coughs to phlegm, asthma, sore throat, pneumonia, bronchitis, and tuberculosis.

As Sea Moss is a demulcent herb, it means that it also has the ability to soothe and defend the irritated or inflamed body tissues.

4 Reasons Why Should Sea Moss Be Incorporated Into Your Diet?

When hunting for a superfood, people try to opt for the one that holds the majority of the health privileges. Either if it's treating respiratory or skin disorders, or if it's about getting a beautiful and youthful skin texture or keeping your gut health. Everything that you might be looking for falls under the shadow of the ultimate Sea Moss!

1. Richards says, "Enhanced digestion and gut health are one of the most prevalent usages for sea moss, as it acts as a prebiotic in the gut." As it is a mucilaginous food, it restores the gut lining, helps the colon to function better, and also gets liberated from hazardous bacteria.

2. When soaked in water, it forms a slimy texture that acts as vegan gelatin and matches the texture of flaxseed or Aloe Vera. It is packed with almost all the major minerals that help to keep your body in shape and keep your blood pressure and weight under control.

3. Adding up Raw Wild Dry Sea Moss into your daily diet can keep your gut healthy and ward off any signs of infections that might be planning to animate in your body. It additionally treats cancer, battles with cold and flu, and detoxicate from the toxic elements that can be unknowingly evolving inside of you.

4. One of the prevailing health benefits is the mood enhancement and improvement in sexual health and fertility, as infertility has become a significant health concern for many people. Specifically, in men, it treats erectile dysfunction and heightens sexual stamina.



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